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Storage Bag Organizer – Kitchen Drawer Organizer – Food Storage Bag Organizer


Don’t you hate those boxes as they get torn up by the drawer, then they keep getting caught every time? Here is the solution. This bag food bag organizer is the same size as the box, so it will fit in most drawers.

Organize all your sandwich and storage bags with this countertop bag organizer! Each unit is made of solid birch wood and fits the most popular storage/ sandwich bag brands.

How original is this gift idea?! Housewarming, Bridal shower, Mother’s Day, Spring Cleaning, you name it!

The final box of this bag organizer is made of 1/4″ wood and measures approximately 11.75″ x 11.75″ x 2.5 or 2.75″ tall and holds the standard box amount of bags in each section. As in nature, wood grains and color may vary from the product image, making each perfectly imperfect.

*** NOTE *** This BOX DOES NOT OPEN FROM THE TOP. It is COMPLETELY SEALED on all edges including the top. To fill the box, you will need to remove the bags from their original box and put them into the wooden storage box through the appropriate slots (i.e Quart, Sandwich, Snack, or Gallon). Compatible with most bags except those with ** SLIDE TOPS**.